Our Story


Thanks so much for stopping by, and welcome to My Organic Havynn!

In today’s over-processed world, we all need a little safe haven. My goal was to create just that.
Who am I? Insanely organized (type A to a fault), lifelong fitness lover, professional make-up artist and manager with over a decade of experience in the finance industry, cook extraordinaire, and passionate pursuer of all things holistic. Yet nothing has created more passion in my life than the gift of motherhood.

Like most new moms, I was transformed into a world I had know idea existed. All of a sudden choices that were unimportant yesterday became major decisions today. I very quickly realized that what we consume and what we use on and around our bodies will impact our health for the rest of our lives. I learned that purchasing my products from socially responsible companies was one of the most important things I could do to promote sustainable practices and production. Also came the realization that with every purchase I made, I was literally voting with my wallet. As a consumer, I was either directly supporting a company working towards making this world a little better than we left it, or supporting a company contributing to more pollutants, toxic chemicals, animal cruelty and genetically modified ingredients.

Empowered with knowledge from years of research and learning from a holistic team of professionals, I was driven by the objective to develop a company that could make a difference. I trusted my idealistic convictions and created My Organic Havynn, Inc.  The inspiration for my vision? Those 2 precious smiles; my son Kieran and my daughter Havynn (she is the inspiration behind our company name).

Christine Groulx, Founder