The BBQ Bundle

Did someone say barbeque? If Dad can’t get enough of the smoky goodness that is all things barbeque, you’ve just found the perfect gift. This impressive bundle is comprised of the top of the line organic products which are a perfect addition for Dad’s backyard cooking. A bounty to help Dad create a natural barbeque that’s truly nothing shy of great. An impressive gift for your chef who will turn his backyard into a grilling masterpiece.


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Products included in the bundle:

  • 1 Bambu Bar Board
  • 1 Bamboo Skewers
  • 1 Neal Brothers Organic Salsa (Medium)
  • 1 Neal Brothers Tortillas Chips
  • 1 Maison Orphee Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 Orphee Dijon Mustard
  • 1 Honey Bunny: Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce (500 ml)
  • 1 Set of Salad Tongs
  • 1 Handmade custom designed burlap bow with jeweled embellishment
  • 1 Plantable, biodegradable enclosure card with personalized message
  • 1 Euro Tote Bag


Bambu Bar Board

Use this hand-crafted, sustainably harvested bamboo for cutting and serving. Fully reversible – cut on one side, serve on the other. Thin and lightweight, its gently rounded edges mean no sharp corners. Bamboo absorbs little moisture and resists swelling and warping, making it a superior, long-lasting choice for everyday use. 9 “ L x 6 “ W

bamboo skewers

Bamboo Skewers

Quality Bamboo Skewers, ready when Dad needs them, instead of scattered in a kitchen drawer. A package that keeps your bamboo skewers organized, clean and neat. The box is reversible and reusable into a ready-made gift box! These bamboo skewers come in boxes of 100.


Neal Brothers Organic Salsa

Just the right amount of organic jalapenos to spice up our organic tomatoes, onions, garlic and many other wonderful ingredients! This is a lively and very tasty sugar-free organic salsa.


Neal Brothers Tortillas Chips

You ever notice that the best snack on the table gets the centre of attention? The bowl becomes surrounded by grabbing hands and good laughs. That’s why you want to fill your bowls with Neal Brothers Organic, wholegrain and corn Tortillas and stir up some crunchy conversation at your next get together. What makes these chips so unique? It’s the organic blue corn giving them the traditional taste and rich deep colour.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and certified kosher. it has a fresh herbaceous aroma and is delicious on and in everything! It is so light it can be used as a garnish or for cooking. Enhance salads and meals, great for cooking using low heat.

dijon-mustardDijon Mustard

Certified organic Dijon-style mustard with a creamy texture and unique tang! It will win over all hot mustard enthusiasts! Ideal for preparing vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. Kosher, gluten free, no preservatives and no sugar added.


Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce 

Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce adds pure inspiration to his bbq. Just the right amount of spices and succulent sweetness is the perfect ‘secret recipe’ for the chef. Organic, naturally sweetened with organic honey and gluten free!


Bamboo Salad Tongs

A must-have for any salad bowl!


Neal Brothers Tortillas Chips: Whole Grain Organic Blue Corn, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Trace of Lime.

Neal Brothers Organic Salsa: Tomato, Water, Organic Onion, Organic Cider Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Organic Green Pepper, Organic Jalapeno Pepper, Salt, Organic Dehydrated Garlic, Organic Spices.

Maison Orphee Dijon Mustard: 100% stone ground organic Canadian mustard seeds, organic apple cider vinegar and Guérande sea salt.

Amazing Dad’s BBQ Sauce: Organic honey, water, organic tomato paste, organic vinegar, salt, organic corn starch, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, natural colour, liquid smoke, organic spice, xanthan gum.

BAMBU: Why complicate a material that is both functional and beautiful? At the heart of our design process is an underlying philosophy to preserve the simplicity of a raw material while shaping it in a way that makes it classically modern. For us, sustainability goes well beyond the balance between what we take from the earth and what we return to it. It’s a philosophy that applies to how we conduct ourselves as a business. We make strides to further our commitment to 3rd-party certification and testing, promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions, and green our supply chain. These efforts have been recognized by leading associations and trade groups.

NEAL BROTHER’S IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Let’s first start by introducing ourselves. We are Peter and Chris Neal. In 1988, we started making croutons out of our mom’s Aurora, ON kitchen. Under the name Croutons Croûtons, these crunchy bits of delicious became a huge hit and soon enough, grew out of the home. The decision soon came to put 100% of our focus into distribution which paved the way to offering more products under the Neal Brothers name. We will always hold true to our humble beginnings by offering the freshest ingredients in our foods. Where we can, we offer products made from organic ingredients to help sustain our environment and keep us healthy and chemical free. We also strongly believe in the Fair Trade movement and the positive impact it has on millions of poor farmers around the world. We distribute many Fair Trade items such as Kicking Horse coffee and Cocoa Camino chocolate and sugar.

MAISON ORPHEE IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Maison Orphée products are only made with the highest quality fruit and seeds. We won’t compromise on this quality. And we won’t compromise on the quality of our production either. In the tradition of authentic master oil makers, all of our oils result of the patient work of slow pressing, the only way to extract the best from oil seeds. Our knowledge begins with a careful selection of raw materials. We value quality in our products and in this sense we perform several tests on GMOs, yeasts and molds. In addition, the cleanliness of our equipment, training of our teams and temperature controls right pressure contribute to our quality workmanship. In a tradition of authentic master oil makers, all of our oils are the result of pressure at very low speed and temperature. Our oils are made from a particular know-how which is the first cold pressing. It’s a process in which the oil seeds, not preheated, are pressed just once, without adding heat and at the lowest possible temperature, in order to extract part of the oil they contain (this temperature may vary depending on oil content and hardness of the seed to be pressed). La Maison Orphée combines art and craft mills and new production techniques.

WOLFE HONEY COMPANY INC. IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Wolfe Honey Company Inc. is a family owned Organic Apiary located in Guy, Alberta – The Peace River Region.  Gilbert Wolfe started Beekeeping at 14 years of age; this was his job of choice as a kid growing up in the local area.  Wolfe Honey Company Inc. is now the largest Organic Apiary in Canada and has been in operation for over 25 years.  Our production facility in the Peace River country features state of the art honey processing and packaging technology.  We modeled and engineered our plant to the standards of a German facility that has impressed us for many years.  We take great pride in developing honey products that stand out in the marketplace – because there is no substitute for high quality.

WHY BAMBOO? Bamboo is biodegradable and natures most sustainable resource. The bamboo industry provides a regular income to over two billion people in the world. Moreover, bamboo is considered by farmers to be a relatively easy plant to work with, since it requires virtually no maintenance and is harvested every two to six years. Bamboo is a top choice for the reforestation of depleted areas, because it has incredibly fast growth rate; it grows up to almost 50 inches in just one day and can reach its full height in around three months; indeed, an entire forest can be grown in three to five years! It may technically be a grass, but bamboo is as strong as steel! The World Bank recently pledged its support to a project in Ecuador called ‘Elevated Houses to Protect Communities in Flood Zones’; the idea is to use bamboo to provide flood-proof housing for economically challenged communities. If bamboo is strong enough to weather the toughest of storms, it is most definitely an ideal choice for everything from cutting boards to utensils, and even beautiful bowls for enjoying your favourite food.

WHY CHOOSE COLD-PRESSED & ORGANIC OILS? Organically produced oils are free of fertilizer and pesticide residues and other synthetic chemicals. In addition to organic, make sure they have been “cold” or “expeller” processed. Here’s why…
1) Preserve Natural Ingredients: The traditional way to extract vegetable oil is with a mechanical press. No additional heat or chemical solvents are used, so the oils retain the chemical structure of their natural source. You’ll see these oils labeled as “cold-pressed” or “expeller-pressed.”
2) Rich In Antioxidants: “Cold-pressed” or “expeller-pressed” oil is rich in antioxidants that keep the oil fresh and provide us with protection from free radical damage.
3) They React To Heat, Light and Air: Vegetable oils are not stable. They react to heat, light, air and other chemicals they come into contact with. When this happens, their antioxidants are lost, leaving free radicals in their place. We then have oil that is filled with toxic chemicals. And this happens without affecting the smell or taste of the oil.
4) Require Careful Handling: So it’s important to handle cold-pressed oils properly. They need to be kept in air-tight containers, out of the light, and away from heat.
5) The More Processing, The Lower The Quality: More oil can be extracted if heat and chemicals are used. So most vegetable oil is not mechanically pressed in the traditional way. It is extracted, instead, with chemical solvents. Then it is boiled to evaporate the solvents, and then it is deodorized and bleached. The final product is very different from its natural source. The antioxidants are replaced by free radicals, and trans-fats appear in it. These refined oils may smell sweet and taste fine, but they are vastly inferior to cold pressed oils and they do not belong in our bodies.


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