The Bridal Shower Bundle

You’ve picked your bridesmaids and chances are, they’ve already tried on dozens of dresses, unwrapped piles of presents at your shower and toasted you at your bachelorette. Now it's your turn to show them some love! The Bridal Shower Bundle is the perfect way to show how much you appreciate your bridesmaids! Organically lavish them with some natural goodies sure to impress. A wonderful way to say thank-you to those special ladies in your wedding party.

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Products included in the bundle:

  • 1 Sahara Tea: 100 Mysteries
  • 1 Sahara Tea: Beautiful Foolishness
  • 1 Sweet Company Cosmo Soap Bar
  • 1 4 Ever Bamboo Pouf
  • 1 Handmade custom designed burlap bow with jeweled embellishment
  • 1 Plantable, biodegradable enclosure card with personalized message
  • 1 Euro Tote Bag

SaharaTea100MysteriesSahara Tea: 100 Mysteries

An organic and magnificent Ayurvedic tea that promotes energy without overheating the body. According to Ayurveda, this tea balances Vata. Its aroma and flavours are mysteriously sensational with health benefits! Caffeine and preservative-free.

SaharaTeaBeautfifulFoolishnessSahara Tea: Beautiful Foolishness

A stunning fragranced tea known to improve the skin. It protects and beautifies the skin with its anti-aging properties. Organic white tea uniquely blended with pomegranate, coconut, exotic fruit and spices.

cosmo_soapCosmo Soap Bar

Nourish and detoxify your skin with these natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and additives.


Bamboo Pouf

This bamboo fibre Bath Pouf is soft and gentle on your skin and creates loads of lather. Perfect to help you relax and unwind.

Sahara Tea: 100 Mysteries – A fiesta of organic Roobios, coconut, herbs, fruit and almonds. Contains Nuts.

Sahara Tea: Beautiful Foolishness – A fragrant, loose­leaf mix of white tea, pomegranate, coconut and exoti fruits, known for its anti­aging properties and improving skin’s complexion.

The Cosmo Soap Bar: Water, Saponified Oils of Olive, Coconut and Organic Palm, Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Iron Oxide, White Clay, Cranberry Seeds, Essential Oils of Lime & Sweet Orange

SAHARA TEA IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Attracted to the medicinal and healing properties of Green, White and Ayurvedic teas, Sahara Tea Wellness Collection of loose leaf teas and tisanes taste great and are natural health remedies. We offer the best of the very best teas by selecting only the freshest, most aromatic and flavourful ingredients. Our blends are masterfully crafted with quality ingredients such as fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, pure essential oils, or natural flavour essences with no added preservatives. Our blends were created by an experienced Pharmacist, Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Tea Master.

SWEET LEAF IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Sweet Leaf products are handcrafted in small batches using pure, organic and fair trade certified ingredients. Hand blended with pure essential oils to soothe or uplift, preserved using natural methods, sustaining the nourishing and therapeutic properties of the oils. We take pride in our ingredients, so much so that we list each and every one of them on our labels. We believe that it’s important to know and understand what it is you are putting on your skin. Especially since most of what goes on our body, also goes into it! From our little soap studio, to your hands, our products will never contain petroleum-based ingredients, sulfates or detergents, synthetic preservatives colours or fragrances.

THE FOREVER GROUP IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! The Forever Group produces natural bath and body products with a focus on design, minimal packaging and sustainable sourcing.

WHY ORGANIC TEA? Tea farmers who choose to grow organically possess the knowledge that using chemical pesticides can be harmful to the human body. Tea is known for its healthful properties. Why harm it with damaging compounds that may cancel out the antioxidant and healing properties of the tea? My Organic Havynn teas are always certified organic, assuring you are sipping on quality ingredients.

HOW SAFE IS YOUR SKIN CARE? Did you know the skin absorbs up to 64% of what you place on it? Most conventional beauty products contain pesticides and harmful chemicals that are absorbed through your skin. These harmful chemicals can be anything from pesticides, methyl, butyl and propyl parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances, formaldehyde, and more! Do you really want all these on your skin? Conventional gift baskets offer a variety of skin care products. My Organic Havynn stands behind our mission to provide you with toxin-free goodness.


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