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Mama-To-Be Tea Bundle

A brilliant blend of teas all designed to nurture Mama-in-waiting. A tea-lovers oasis with bamboo tea lights to help her relax and unwind as she awaits the arrival of her new little one.

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Products included in the bundle:

  • 1 Mama’s Morning Tea (16 Bags)
  • 1 Mama’s Tummy Tea (16 Bags)
  • 1 Peaceful Mama Tea (16 Bags)
  • 1 Third Trimester Tea (16 Bags)
  • 2 Bamboo Delights
  • 1 Handmade custom designed burlap bow with jeweled embellishment
  • 1 Plantable, biodegradable enclosure card with personalized message
  • 1 Re-useable Burlap Tote Bag


Mama’s Morning Wellness Tea 

It’s great to be expecting an angel, but while your body is preparing for your gift from heaven, your tummy feels like it’s doing jumping jacks! When every little smell is suddenly a challenge and those morning queasies often last all day long, Certified Organic & Certified Kosher, naturally caffeine free, ginger-minty Morning Wellness Tea is a comforting way to help get you through the day!


Mama’s Tummy Tea 

Certified Organic & Certified Kosher, this tummy tea was created for mama to help sooth heartburn. Also helpful for anyone who needs a cool hand to put out the fire. Tummy Tea is delicious and soothing, formulated with comforting lemon balm, chamomile and spearmint and astringent red raspberry leaf for a delicious after meal soother to help turn down the heat of heartburn. Naturally caffeine free.


Peaceful Mama Tea 

Certified organic Peaceful Mama Tea combines calming herbs in a delicious blend to help ease a mama’s busy head and agitated body. Works for anxious papas too! Formulated with tension easing Lemon Balm, calcium rich Oat Straw, calming Chamomile, and a whiff of Red Raspberry Leaf and Orange Peel to ensure you a comforting cup! Caffeine free, in biodegradable, easy to brew tea bags.


Third Trimester Tea 

Certified Organic Third Trimester Tea was formulated as a tonic for mamas who are heading into the home stretch! This delicious blend of vitamin and mineral packed herbs was formulated especially to nurture all those mama parts gearing up for the the joyous arrival of baby. Blended with 100% organic herbs, including Red Raspberry Leaf (an all-around great pregnancy herb), iron-rich Stinging Nettle, calming Chamomile and Rosehips (both full of vitamins and bioflavonoids), and calcium filled Oat Straw. Naturally caffeine free.


Bamboo Delights 

Made from the excess material used to make cutting boards, the organic shapes of the natural bamboo with the soft light of tealights is a lovely pairing perfect for any mama pampering herself through pregnancy. Create ambience at the table, next to a bath, or in the bedroom with these pebble-shaped tealight candle holders. The perfect addition to mama’s bundle of relaxation.

Earth Mama’s Morning Tea: Zingiber officinale (organic ginger) root, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic Chamomile) flower, Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Melissa officinalis (organic Lemon Balm) leaf, Mentha piperita (organic peppermint) leaf

Earth Mama’s Tummy Tea For Heartburn: Althea officinalis (organic marshmallow) root, Matricaria recutita (organic Chamomile) flower, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Melissa officinalis (organic Lemon Balm) leaf, Rubus Idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

Earth Mama’s Peaceful Tea: Melissa officinalis (organic Lemon Balm) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic Chamomile) flower, Avena sativa (organic oatstraw), Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Rubus Idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf

Earth Mama’s Third Trimester Tea: Rubus Idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint), Urtica dioica (organic stinging nettle) leaf, Avena sativa (organic oatstraw), Matricaria recutita (organic Chamomile) flower, Rosa canina (organic rosehips), Medicago sativa (organic alfalfa) leaf

EARTH MAMA ANGEL BABY’s mission is to provide safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to help educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care. They manufacture natural and organic products that work, combining generations of women’s wisdom and traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence based research.

BAMBU is a company with an underlying philosophy to preserve the simplicity of a raw material while shaping it in a way that makes it classically modern. Why complicate a material that is both functional and beautiful? Bambu is making strides to further their commitment to 3rd-party certification and testing, promote fair labor practices and safe working conditions, and green their supply chain. These efforts have been recognized by leading associations and trade groups.

WHY ORGANIC TEA: Tea farmers who choose to grow organically possess the knowledge that using chemical pesticides can be harmful to the human body. Tea is known for its healthful properties. Why harm it with damaging compounds that may cancel out the antioxidant and healing properties of the tea? My Organic Havynn teas are always certified organic, so you can be assured Mama is sipping on quality ingredients.


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