Little Dude: Ultimate

An upgraded version of the Little Dude Essentials! For those looking for an even bigger bundle, we’ve combined play time and snack time in one ultimate bundle! In addition to the essential products, your little dude receives even more Yummy Earth Pops, Giddy Yoyo Red Banana Spears packed with vitamin C, Giddy Yoyo Spirulina bars full of key minerals and everyone’s favourite, Mary’s Double Chocolate Love Cookies!  Gift it organically with Little Dude Ultimate!

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Products included in the Little Dude Ultimate bundle:

  • 1 Potting Shed Creations Fairy Tale Gardens: Jack’s Magic Beans
  • 1 Green Toys Blue Race Car
  • 1 Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons
  • 1 Wee Can Too Veggie Chalk
  • 10 Yummy Earth Pops
  • 1 Giddy Yoyo Red Banana Spears
  • 2 Giddy Yoyo Spirulina Bars
  • 1 Mary’s Organic Double Chocolate Love Cookies
  • 1 Handmade custom designed burlap bow with jeweled embellishment
  • 1 Plantable, biodegradable enclosure card with personalized message
  • 1 Decorative market tray

jack-magicFairy Tale Gardens: Jack’s Magic Beans

Potting Shed Creations Kids! is the perfect way for a child to express themselves and design a personalized garden for their own enjoyment or as a gift for someone special. Your little prince will love planting his very own peas and watching it grow. This fun activity based garden kit has all of the ingredients included to get kids into gardening. Includes: recycled steel case and seed tin, organic seed, garden stake, pencil, activity/recipe cards and directions. Tin 1″ high x 5″ diam.


Green Toys Blue Race Car

Buckle up, because the Green Toys Race Car is ready to roll! Built from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This sleek racer will tear up the track without harming the planet. This cool hot rod is better than any hybrid, and proudly displays the #2 recycled plastic symbol from which it is made on its hood. The ultra-eco design has no metal axles. No BPA, PVC, phthalates, or external coatings


Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons

Crayons made from veggie-based ingredients, including organic soy wax, which makes it hand to mouth safe! Don’t worry about petroleum or other toxic additives in these crayons. Veggie Crayons are made with organic ingredients (organic fruit and vegetable powders), are vegan, contain no wheat, no sugar and no preservatives! Crayon squares make it easy for baby’s hand to hold, plus fun for stacking and building! Comes in 5 organic colors:  Green, Yellow, Orange, Red/Pink & Purple


Wee Can Too Veggie Chalk

Chalk made from veggie-based ingredients. 100% lead free! Veggie Chalk is made with organic ingredients (organic fruit and vegetable powders), is vegan, contain no wheat, no sugar and no preservatives! Chalk is thick and perfect for tiny hands to hold. Comes in 5 organic colors:  Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink & Purple. Great on cement, sidewalks and other tactile surfaces.


Yummy Earth Pops

Not only are Yummy Earth pops certified organic and gluten free, but they contain no artificial dyes, are peanut and tree nut free, soy free, dairy free, fat free and vegan! A great replacement for all that Halloween candy with high fructose corn syrup.


Giddy Yoyo Red Banana Spears

These highly mineralized Banana Spears are made from the sweet fruit of sun-ripened heirloom variety of the Ecuadorian Red Banana. They are smaller, softer and more plump than the common yellow Cavendish banana and are sweeter, with a slight raspberry-banana flavor. Red Bananas are low-fat as well as sodium and cholesterol-free. They are a good source of fiber and potassium, and a great source of vitamin C & B6. These red bananas are allowed to vine ripen under completely organic growing conditions and are then carefully hand-picked at the peak of freshness. This means the fruit remains connected to the plant until it’s the natural time for it to be harvested. This ensures all potential nutrients are able to fully develop. Most commercial bananas are the highly hybridized Cavendish variety which is picked prematurely and then gas ripened. Enjoy dipped in nut butter, chocolate sauce or straight from the bag. Use in dishes whenever banana is called for. Suitable for smoothies, elixirs, oatmeal, pancakes, baby food, ice cream, and other frozen desserts. Tastes like banana bread!


Giddy Yoyo Spirulina Chocolate Bar

75% Raw Organic Dark Chocolate, vegan, fair trade, free of dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, refined sugar and other nasty funk!  We recommend 1 square per serving for your 12 month old or older. 2 squares per day max (serve with some nuts to balance blood sugars).


Mary’s Double Chocolate Love Cookies

Mary’s Double Chocolate love Cookies blend a rich fudgy, chocolate cookie with dark chocolate chips. You’ll find these organic, gluten free cookies are rich in flavor and, because they are made with unique whole food ingredients and low glycemic sweeteners, they satisfy your sweet tooth and you still feel good after eating them! Organic, vegan, dairy free, wheat and gluten free, kosher, allergy friendly, low glycemic sweeteners, contain chia seeds, no trans-fats, no hydrogenated oils.

Yummy Earth Pops: Organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, non-gmo citric acid (from beet sugar – not corn), natural flavours, organic black carrots, organic black currant, organic apple, organic carrot, organic pumpkin, ascorbic acid.

Giddy Yoyo Red Banana Spears: 100% Raw Organic Vine Ripened Banana Powder, certified organic & kosher from wild growing Ecuadorian trees.

Giddy Yoyo Chocolate Bars:
* Stone Ground Cacao – Energizing and one of the most pharmacologically complex foods containing over 1200 different molecules. Cacao is one of the most concentrated sources of anti–oxidants (6x more than blueberries) and is a great source of many key minerals such as magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and copper.
* Sun Dried Cane Juice – The first of its kind on the market. This delicious sweetener is harvested from sugar cane grown in Ecuador in highly mineralized volcanic soil. It has a mild taste and is a perfect complement to the deep rich flavor of our cacao.
* Spirulina – A natural food which is full of nutrients and is 100% safe for children of all the ages for consumption. Spirulina is the only natural food that contains GLA, an essential fatty acid that is found only in mother’s milk. GLA is vital in balancing the hormonal system in the body.
*Cacao paste, essential oils, essences and spices

Mary’s Double Chocolate Love Cookies: Organic gluten free flower blend (organic brown rice flour, tapioca flour, organic potato flour, organic potato starch, organic amaranth flour), organic palm sugar, filtered water, organic dark chocolate chips (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa paste, organic cocoa butter, soy lecithin (non-gmo), organic vanilla), organic palm fruit shortening (palm oil), organic tapioca syrup, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut oil, organic yellow split pea flower, organic prune juice concentrate, organic chia seeds, organic roasted ramon seed powder, organic vanilla extract, baking soda, pink himalayan salt, xanthan gum, organic rice bran extract.

POTTING SHED CREATIONS is USDA Certified Organic. Because we care about our customers as much as we care about offering products of the finest quality, we strive to consistently surpass their expectations. In terms of sustainability, our materials are sourced with eco-friendly ingredients and because our products contain as much natural material as possible, they have an innate aesthetic that requires minimal packaging.

GREEN TOYS INC. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet.

WEE CAN TOO was founded by two moms, Sarid Ditton and Nichole Groat, on a mission to bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by offering the highest quality products made from fruit and vegetable powders, plus plant-based ingredients. In 2007, Sarid Ditton created her baby’s first batch of Veggie Finger Paint and today we offer an entire line of all natural art supplies, made for babies and toddlers!

YUMMY EARTH was born out of our commitment to feed our families a diet rich in delicious healthful foods that are free of chemicals. Yummy Earth tastes much better because we choose real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown on sustainable family farms to sweeten our lives and yours.

GIDDY YOYO IS PROUDLY CANADIAN! Our foods are not the same as other certified organic or fair-trade products. While our goods are always organic or wild crafted, fairly traded AND of the heirloom variety, there are additional attributes that make our products unique. Our foods are the highest quality most nutrient dense foods available, nourished by mineral-rich soil, the freshest spring water & grown in healthy, remote environments that have never known the existence of chemicals. Our products are untouched by genetically modified organisms, the practice of hybridization, or chemical solvents and metals regularly used in the practice of bringing foods to market. And they’re 100% RAW too!

WHY NON TOXIC ART SUPPLIES? Children’s toys may contain a variety of chemicals of concern. When children put these products into their mouths, some of these chemicals may enter their bodies. Since children’s bodies are growing and developing, they are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals. Even small amounts of a chemical can impact a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential. Some art and craft supplies contain toxic ingredients that, when used or stored in the play room, create a significant risk to the health and well-being of children. Lead, Asbestos, and Organic solvents are sometimes used to preserve art products and to improve application. These toxic ingredients can trigger asthma, allergies, headaches, and nausea. Some inks, adhesives, pigments and clay may contain chemicals that can lead to chronic disease like cancer after repeated exposure. Since children are more vulnerable, it is important to purchase and use supplies that are certified as non-toxic. Young children are more likely to have contact with products on skin, hair, mouth and eyes so it is highly recommended that children in grade six and lower should only use non-toxic art and craft materials.

WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SAY NO TO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP: High Fructose Corn Syrup can be found in just about every piece of candy on the market. Here are the dangers:
1) Is rapidly absorbed into your blood stream since minimal digestion is needed. This leads to a spike in insulin (the fat storage hormone) and fatty liver disease. 
2) Other health issues associated with HFCS include obesity and weight gain, heart disease, mood disorders (such as ADHD), diabetes and heart disease.
3) HFCS can lead to leaky gut and chronic inflammation. 
4) Mercury is a known contaminant and has been found in HFCS.


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